Breathe in wellness and exhale toxins with our farm fresh essential oils.

I know what you’re thinking….

Memberships come with fees.
Not this one, it’s free to sign up and you never get charged a fee.

I don’t want to buy every month.
The monthly points program is just an option, you can start or stop anytime or go without it altogether.

I don’t want to sell Young Living.
No worries! You can enjoy the discounts with your account and there is NEVER an obligation.
We make it easy for you to get the healthiest, most toxin-free products possible. 
We save you money, provide unique shopping plans and rewards, and let you DIY your own cleaning and wellness products. Plus, we responsibly source our ingredients!

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Whether you want to create DIY all-natural cleaning products, craft custom health remedies, or just simplify your home life, YL Essentials has something for everyone. 

With their Therapeutic Grade Oils, you can feel good knowing that these oils are sourced from the best of the best when it comes to sustainable farming.
Plus, when you open a wholesale account with them, you'll get 24% off each purchase and unlock even more discounts as well as reward points that can be redeemed for free products! 

Go wild crafting the perfect essential oil blends that'll help with whatever ailment is ailin' ya, clean things up the natural way with some DIY TLC, or just save a couple bucks while still taking care of yourself and the environment 
- it's all possible when you go Young Living Essential Oils.

** You will be asked to select "Brand Partner" as an account type, but this does not obligate you to sell Young Living, it's just the name of the wholesale account