Learn how to create a Quiz!
Connect with your audience, attract the right people and lead them to your offerings/services/products
Why create a quiz?
because everyone loves taking quizzes!
You've seen them online and on social media. 
They are fun, and people can't resist taking them!
A well thought out quiz is a great way to show your ideal customer that you "get them" and know exactly how they feel.
It's a way to connect, build trust and make recommendations to them.

What you'll learn
I've done my best to walk you through simple steps so this is easy and fun
  • Video tutorials showing you what to click and how to set it up
  • A template for how to layout your quiz and organize results
  • For those using Get Oiling, I provide a landing page template and a marketing campaign for you to use
  • For those not using Get Oiling, I share the marketing email campaign and how to use it

  • I also provide Canva templates for creating your marketing graphics for the quiz so you look professional
  • For those who don't have a website or struggle with tech, I also provide an alternative way to use the quiz and collect leads without a landing page or automation, so no matter where you are at, you can do this now!