Beginner's Guide to Aromatherapy
18 Page Booklet/Magazine for CANADA
  • Written by a Certified Aromatherapist
  • Fully compliant for the Canadian market
  • Contains a complete walkthrough on essential oils basics and common remedies for ailments such as headaches, digestive discomfort, acne, muscle aches, sleep issues and more
  • Customizable template you can use as a lead magnet to build your email list and gain new leads.
$25 CAD

Simple Guide Lead Magnet Template
5 Page Customizable Guide
  • Comes with Canva Template
  • Video tutorial on how to edit the template
  • Instructions on how to set it up as a lead magnet and add a QR code to lead prospects to your products/classes/other offerings.
$10 CAD

Lead Magnet: Quiz Funnel

I created a customized quiz funnel to attract new leads for your business

  • Funnel includes a landing page, fully done for you quiz based on the colour personality, plus a customized email campaign to send them their results and direct them to your products and offerings
  • The Quiz comes with four pre-made graphics/roller recipes, one for each personality type
  • Quizzes are hard to resist! Who doesn't love a good quiz! Plus I include the graphics for marketing so you can start promoting it right away!
** Funnel package includes: Landing Page, Email Campaign with 5 emails, Canva templates for marketing graphics, quiz graphics and results graphics, Google doc with all the questions and results, and a video tutorial showing you how to set it up

Stand Out: Creating Your Personal Brand
Mini Course $50 CAD
Creating a well defined brand helps you attract the right people to your business. This course walks you through the steps to build a brand that is based on your passions and values so that your ideal customers connect with you.

Create a Quiz
Mini Course $10 CAD
Learn how to create a custom quiz that will draw in new leads for your business and lead them to your products or services.

Blogging 101
Learn the strategy behind blogging as a tool to grow your business! Cost $50 CAD
This course walks you through the anatomy of a good blog, how to endlessly create excellent content, title your blog so people can find you and incorporate social media, affiliate links and more to reach the right people and grow your business. 

Website Workshop 2.0
Program cost $150 CAD
For Get Oiling users- learn how to create your brand and then turn it into a fully customized and automated website masterpiece.
  • includes templates
  • video tutorials
  • Canva links
  • Bonuses (blogging course, affiliate marketing 101, and more)

Need help setting up your website? Reach out to concierge services at Get Oiling! https://getoiling.com/concierge