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Becoming a single mom was hard. In fact, traumatic might be a better word. I was in need of healing, rest, more help than ever and yet I felt so isolated. It didn't seem like anyone could understand. I was overwhelmed all the time, I felt guilty for how grumpy I was. I just didn't want to do this!

But my kids are my world and they deserve a healthy, happy mom. 
And I deserve that too. 
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My mission is to help single moms find peace, self acceptance and healing so they can see just how special they are. I believe in prioritizing good mental and physical health by adopting simple steps to a clean, natural lifestyle that is easy to maintain.
Why do we use essential oils?
One of the tools I have used to support my mental, emotional and physical health are essential oils. 
If you are curious to learn about them, here are my top three.

I place a few drops over my heart each day and inhale deeply.

I place a few drops on the crown of my head to help release anger and it really helps calm me down.

Valor helps me feel grounded. I place it on the bottoms of my feet and behind my ears. 

"Joining the single mom haven has given me the community I needed. I used to feel so isolated and overwhelmed. I love how accepting they are, how I can share and not feel judged and how they gently encourage me to show myself kindness."
- Lindsey M.

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