Keeping Motherhood and Health Simple
Being a single mom is hard enough. We'll show you how to get the support and care you need without sacrificing your health.
We're here to take care of YOU because you take such good care of them.

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My mission is to help single moms find peace, self acceptance and healing so they can see just how special they are. I believe in prioritizing good mental and physical health by adopting simple steps to a clean, natural lifestyle that is easy to maintain.
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"I'm so thankful I found Jane. I felt like I was spiraling out of control and Jane gave me an anchor to hold onto. She taught me to slow down, take simple steps towards better wellness, and to take care of my mental health. I sleep better, have more energy and have the tools to take care of myself and my family."
- Kate L.

Why essential oils?
I'd love to share with you what I have learned
Essential oils are powerful natural substances and can have a big impact on our emotions, our stress, our sleep and our bodies. I've love to share more with you!

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