5 Ways to Make Extra Income Working From Home
Would you like to make a little extra money without leaving the comfort of your home? Here are some tips to help you get started. You may be surprised at how easy it is to bring in some extra cash by doing simple tasks from the comfort of your own workspace. So read on for ideas on how to make money while working from home. 

1. Affiliate Marketing

You've probably heard about affiliate marketing but you might not know what it is. Basically, it's a referral link you can give someone to purchase a product and when they do, you get a little kick back. You see this often with popular Instagram accounts, bloggers and Youtubers.

The key to good affiliate marketing is to know what your niche is. Don't just push random garbage on people that you've never even bothered to try! You want to make sure you are giving authentic and honest product reviews. Here are some examples:

Do you love pets and know a fair bit about pet supplies? Perhaps you start a social media platform review different pet products lines, comparing them and giving your honest recommendations for which ones are best for different types of pets. With the right strategy, this kind of content could drive a lot of traffic to your affiliate links which can equal a large payout for you and all you have to do is talk about something you already enjoy talking about!

Do you have kids? What about good educational toys? The best baby gear for 2022. The best products for pregnant mothers. How to keep a toddler busy in 2022. There are so many options and you and I both know there are a lot of moms on social media. I would honestly enjoy a channel all about kids books, giving honest reviews and recommendations, that would be so cool!

2. Digital Products

Make it once, sell it many times. I love this one. In fact I'm all about this. I have two kids at home full time and I don't want to make products over and over (nothing against crafters). I'm a digital artist, you can see my work on this site, and what you might notice is that with digital art, I make the art work but you can print it off yourself. In fact, I can take one design and using a print on demand company like Printful, I can put it on a variety of different merchandise.

What about printable resources? People love templates for invoices, worksheets, booklets, resumes and cover letters. 
Homeschool moms need resources to plan their schedules.
Meal planning printables.
Digital planners

The list goes on and on. If you want some more ideas, check out Etsy, the motherload of digital possibilities awaits you!

3. Print On Demand Services

Another really fun option for creative types is setting up a Print on Demand shop. You can use so many different services out there. I have already mentioned Printful which is what I use, but there is also Printly, Gelato and many others.

You create the design, link it to a shop like Shopify or Etsy, and people can order merchandise with your design on it. You don't have to deal with manufacturing, keeping stock, shipping or any of that hassle. Yes you make less money because of this but you also don't have to invest anything into this kind of business. It's a zero risk situation which is nice. 

So if you have an eye for design, or have ideas for a funny tshirt, sticker or mug, this might be a fun project for you!
Make sure you setup an account on IG to go with it, and drive traffic to your creations!

4. Course Creation

The world of course creation is vast. There is literally nothing you can't learn online from all the courses available out there. You no longer need to attend a college or university to gain useful skills. 

Do you have a certain area in which you are an expert? If you are knowledgeable in pretty well anything, you can find an audience and setup a course.

You want to start by choosing a platform for your course. Some popular ones are Teachable, Udemy or Skillshare but there are many out there. Once your course is created, you need to setup a strategy to drive traffic to it.

This can be through a combination of IG and Youtube, create a free offering or a webinar to add value to your audience and build trust with them so they see you as an expert. As your audience grows, the traffic moving towards your course will as well.

My suggestion is to gather testimonials from students and use those to further build your credibility.

5. Virtual Assistants

If you have good organizational skills, you might want to look into how to build a business as a virtual assistant. There are so many online entrepreneurs out there who are looking to off load little jobs like managing social media posts, sending emails or updating their website. This is a great way to build an income from home and create a flexible schedule for yourself.

So there you have it – five ways to make money from home. If one of these options sounds appealing to you, I encourage you to do some research and see if that option is a good fit for your skills and interests. And if none of these options appeal to you, don’t worry – there are plenty of other ways to make money from home. The best way to find out what they are is to join my community on Patreon where I share new ideas for earning income every month. What method will you choose to start making extra money from home?


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